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It had already been a busy week and now it was time for our first field trip.  Our students were excited because thanks to this pandemic, we hadn’t left the building for a field trip in what felt like forever. I remembered from previous years that the Fernbank Museum has long winding staircases and an outside session, so although I was looking forward to the field trip, I was not looking forward to those. In fact, I had already told my co-teacher that I would be staying inside when they go outside, and I would be using the elevator when they took the stairs. She’s been with me since the beginning of all of this, so she understood. I also remembered there was a lot of walking throughout this entire field trip, so I was most thankful that my walker has a seat.

The morning of our big day was running smoothly, but when it was time to depart, we learned that one of the buses was running late. After waiting over 10-minutes, we decided to squeeze the other two classes between the buses that were present and head out. Field trips are already pressed for time, and we did not want to miss an event or be rushing back to the school to get our students home. Once at the museum, we were told that they are not currently allowing schools to eat inside, so we would have to eat on the bus. We also learned that it was too wet for the outdoor session. I was fine with the latter but eating on a school bus was not on my bucket list. When we got inside, we began our self-guided tour and my class hit the stairs. So, I of course, separated and took the elevator. Thankfully, the museum is not so big that I had difficulty finding which exhibit they were in once I got off. While seeing artifacts of some of the topics we have covered in class was interesting, I’m pretty sure they had the most fun when they were able to touch, build, run and play. My group ended with lunch and made it back to school in just enough time for the students to pack up for dismissal. Overall, it was a great field trip, but boy was I feeling it. On my walk to the restroom, my legs were tight, and my movements were slow. I sat as much as I felt I needed to during the field trip, but believe my week was catching up to me. There is definitely some stretching in my near future. After all, Halloween is this weekend, and I must be there for my boys!


Halloween 2021 is fast approaching, and we have officially broken a family tradition, or should I say, I have broken it. Without trying, this tradition began Halloween of 2013 when I jokingly bought my husband a batman onesie. After seeing it, he said, “I can get a cape and mask and be Batman for Halloween. Man, it’d be dope if Langston were Robin.” It was early October and Langston, who was a huge superhero fan already had his Spider-Man costume. However, I was so excited about the idea, I immediately started searching. Everywhere local was sold out, and the only place I found a Robin costume in his size was Hong Kong. I ordered it and sent up a hope and a prayer, and then we went out to find Batman’s mask and cape. As fate would have it, the Robin costume showed up the day before Halloween, and Batman and Robin were reunited. They went trick-or-treating, and since I felt like I was going to burst at any moment with our second son, I stayed home and made dessert and gave out candy.

Dad and Son’s version of Batman & Robin. Photo credit by Me.

The weekend before Halloween, Iron Man and Thor were at a mall nearby and Spider-Man got to take a picture, so that costume was also put to good use. We stood in line with at least a hundred people, but once Langston got close to the stage and put on his mask, he stole the show. It was as if Iron Man and Thor were there to take a picture with him. He jumped down into the infamous pose and the crowd went wild!  

Fast forward to 2015…Preston was nearly two and Langston suggested that we dress up as a family, like he and daddy did before Preston was born. He said that since Robin becomes Knight Wing when he gets older (who knew), he would be Knight Wing and Preston could be Robin this time. He had put so much thought into it, we couldn’t say no. Daddy didn’t want to be Batman again, so he chose Green Lantern, and I chose Super Woman of Steel. Together, we were The Justice League.

This is our family tradition. Photo credit by ME.

And just like that, a tradition was born. For the next five years, each family member selected a theme and we dressed up as movie characters, superheroes, and rap stars. It has become something that not only we look forward to, but our friends and family look forward to just as much as we do. We even make a canvas each year and have them hanging in our entryway. Our pictures have even been picked up by magazines a couple of times and shared on social media. It has been a lot of fun.

But this year, momma was just too tired… It’s a lot of work and I just didn’t have the energy to pull it off in a year where just walking up the stairs was a struggle. Yes, I have been getting better, but getting is the operative word. I’m not there yet and taking this on was just more than I felt I could bear right now. I did let my boys know that they could still dress up and go trick-or-treating and am happy to report that they selected a theme of their own. The theme for Halloween 2021 is Miles Morales. Both of my boys were two different versions of the Black Spider-Man, and I love it! They even have their own canvas. It’s kind of fitting since our tradition starts with Daddy and Langston and possibly ends with Langston and Preston. I was already talking about retiring this tradition and had a banger of an idea in my head since it was my year to select the theme, but we may just go out with Black Spider-Man…

Our take on Black Spider Man. All phot credits by Me.

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