Discover how Transdermal Specialties Global Incorporated is revolutionizing diabetes treatment with their innovative medical device in Philadelphia.

Bruce Redding, Jr. CEO, Transdermal Specialties  Global. Image courtesy Lawrence II PhD

Transdermal Specialties Global (TSG) Incorporated developed a novel ultrasonic noninvasive (U-Strip) insulin patch for type 1 and 2 diabetics. Their technology is unique because it harnesses ultrasound to open skin pores and rapidly deliver insulin directly to the bloodstream.  Their research has shown that their technology neither damages the skin nor reduces the effect or functionality of the drug administered.  Their patented ultrasonic technology enables large compounds to go through the skin. 

Mr. Bruce K Redding, Jr., CEO of TSG, is the architect of this device and has patented dozens of technology patents. He has License or R&D agreements with DuPont, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, McNeil Labs, Church & Dwight, Ottens Flavors, GNC, Nabisco, and General Mills. He educates audiences on the awareness of diabetics in this country. Over 37 million Americans have been diagnosed as diabetics, and another 60 million are pre-diabetic.  

The transdermal U-Strip could eliminate needles and the current standard of care in treating diabetes. Some type 1 diabetics use an insulin pump to control their glucose basal. However, they often still need a separate injector from glucose pens. A person with diabetes using a pump every three days must move their catheter to a different position, leaving scar tissue discoloration and skin irritation.  In clinical trials, the transdermal U-patch was shown to leave no scar tissue.

The U-Strip patch for type 2 holds 150 units of insulin, and for type 1, it holds 300 units.  They can use ultrasound to dilate and expand the skin pores to push the insulin straight into the bloodstream. Each patch lasts five days and can be worn in hot and cold environments. The system avoids glucose spikes, and when you have a meal, you just press the bolus button, no carb counting and no suffering need for needles. Transdermal Specialties Global (TSG) has completed phase one and two human trials in the United States and South Korea, with over 300 subjects tested.

This revolutionary system can reduce high glucose to the range of a healthy, average diabetic. Using the patch can help avoid glucose spikes for meals and both night and morning spikes, which can help reduce eye damage; the expected result is A1C levels under a range of 5.9 to 6.3, the range of a non-diabetic. The Transdermal U-patch is easy to apply when you want a meal. Just press the bolus button during the meal. No carb counting is needed. The system is designed for ease of use by any age group. The script does not require you to wear a CGM. As a cost comparison, the patches are just $4.50 a day versus a typical insulin pump, which is approximately $23 a day.

There are over 175 potential drugs that are too large to go through the skin. Normally, TSG institutes a new drug screening program to enable us to test other medicines for this delivery method and work to develop additional patch applications, believing the potential applications.  Transdermal Specialties Global (TSG) seeks to conduct phase three clinical trials in Baltimore, Maryland; Raleigh, North Carolina; and San Antonio, Texas. The company has raised $13 million on this project, with six and a half million coming from Mr. Redding and the rest from other private investors and some Korean-based corporations.  Please see the links below to reach Mr. Bruce Redding Jr. TSG, who has research laboratories in Frederick, MD.

(L- R): Brian Butcher, Marketing Director, Bruce Redding, Jr. CEO, Transdermal Specialties Global, Inc. and Dr. Lawrence Jones II, Consultant, BioTechMC

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