Iron Man is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, and his real identity is the character Tony Stark. Just A Rather Very Intelligent System, or J.A.R.V.I.S., is Tony Stark’s artificially intelligent computer. I reverently tell Dr. Jayfus Doswell, C.E.O. of Juxtopia Inc, that he is a “Tony Stark.” However, he is genuine and not a comic book. J.A.Y.F.U.S., Just A Youthful Futuristic Urban Scientist, is his reality.

The Iron Man character was co-created by writer and editor Stan Lee, developed by scripter Larry Lieber, and designed by artists Don Heck and Jack Kirby. Tony Stark, the true identity of Iron Man, is an avid inventor and engineer with leading cutting-edge technology. Jayfus Doswell is a virtuoso and a martial artist who stays in excellent physical shape.  

He teaches engineering to Black and Brown students and is very sensitive to providing opportunities to Title 1 students. Title 1 students are economically disadvantaged or at risk of failing to meet state standards. They receive supplemental instruction and funds from the federal government through the Title I program, which originated in 1965 and is now part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Dr. Doswell is familiar with sophisticated technology.

Dr. Doswell’s Ph.D. in Information Technology from George Mason University created the world’s first culturally adaptive artificial intelligence (A.I.) virtual instructor software architecture to deliver personalized instruction to underserved populations in mixed reality (e.g., augmented reality, virtual reality, and real-world) environments. He found his expertise sharing in developing what Starr ( June 11, 2013) describes as a special jet-powered pressure suit that will let its wearer skydive from the edge of space. The revolutionary RL Mark VI Space Diving suit by Solar System Express and Dr. Doswell’s Juxtopia Inc. will allow future thrill seekers and space tourists an experience that, up until now, could only be imagined. Dr. Doswell’s Juxtopia uses augmented reality goggles for the CAMMRad technology.

Beyond skydiving, space diving is the next big step. Wordless Tech (2017) RL MARK VI would allow high-altitude jumps from near-space, suborbital space, and eventually low Earth orbit. It will also enable spaceflight participants to escape from a possibly on-orbit emergency. RL Mark VI, Space Diving Suit, is a hi-tech ensemble comprising augmented reality goggles, control moment gyros, and power gloves. Juxtopia, which designs gadgets for ‘`improving human performance,” will supply the heads-up display (H.U.D.) goggles. 

Similar to Google Glass, but with an entire display, the goggles will show the diver a range of information around the periphery of the helmet’s window, such as heart rate, G.P.S. location, internal and external temperatures, acceleration and speed, respiration. Although the ability to record video has yet to be integrated, they will respond to voice commands. Dr. Doswell is “just a youthful futuristic urban scientist” many years ahead of his time.

The real-life Iron Man Suit (officially called the “RL Mark VI”) is a project that Dr. Doswell has been connected to and will branch out in more augmented reality goggles on new and emerging technology applications. Dr. Doswell has launched his J.A.M.R. CammRad Police challenge for BIPOC youth. The program will accept 25 J.E.T. (Juxtopia Engineers in Training) Candidates (college and high school students). The backgrounds will be chosen from S.T.E.M., Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Social Work. More information is coming soon. (J.E.T.) Apprenticeship – JUXTOPIA.Com

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