TikTok, an international company based in Beijing, China, has become a cultural phenomenon with over 1 billion users worldwide. The company launched in September 2016. It quickly started to gain traction in China, and the parent company ByteDance launched an international version in 2017. Overall, TikTok has climbed to the top of the social media ranks, and its impact on healthcare has been profound. 

A medical culture of physicians, scientists, mental health professionals, surgeons, and plastic surgeons have been operating on the platform where they have become familiar icons. It has become an informal gathering place for people, regardless of age. However, even medical influencers have a say now. Murphy (February 24, 2023) reports in MedScape, “one in five Americans are turning to TikTok before consulting their doctor for treatment of a health condition.”  

Even with the popularity of TikTok health care, some notable Black medical influencers have gained followings. I wanted to share on the NarrativeMatters, Murphy’s list of Black medical influencers you should follow. 


Heather Irobunda, MD (@drheatherirobundamd)

She posts videos on topics including menstruation and breast cancer awareness.

Phabinly Gabriel, MD (@doctorphabs)

Gabriel is a neurosurgery resident at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who shares his medical journey. 

Camille Howard-Verović, MD (@dermbeautydoc)

As a dermatologist, Howard-Verović provides her audience with valuable tips about various skincare products, reviews her skincare routine, and explains how to eliminate blackheads in your ear.

Basil Nwaoz, MD (@doctorbasilmd)

Nwaoz is a New Jersey/New York City-based plastic surgeon with over 10 years of experience. He specializes in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery.

Joel Bervell (@joelbervell)

As a fourth-year medical student at Washington State University, Bervell is passionate about diversity in medicine. Call out examples of racial biases in treatment.

Fenwa Milhouse, MD (@yourfavoriteurologist)

Milhouse is a Nigerian-born urogynecologist who lives and works in Chicago, specializing in pelvic floor surgery and sexual medicine. discusses 

Darien Sutton, MD, MBA (@doctor.darien)

Sutton is an emergency medicine physician and ABC News medical contributor. 

Chris Raynor, MD (@dr.chrisraynor)

Sporting the hashtag #NYEO (#notyoureverydayortho), Raynor is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. The nature of his channel is very informative; he provides lots of medical commentaries and is a fitness advocate.

Emeka Okorocha, MBBS (@doctor.emeka)

Okorocha is a U.K.-based emergency medicine physician with over 250k followers on TikTok. Many of his videos center around health tips, or “medication,” 

Shonna Gaskin, MD (@shonnamissymehd)

Gaskin is an anesthesiology resident with a vibrant TikTok channel full of dance-filled informational videos about the medical profession, including videos on how to get into medical school with a low GPA, specialties that make over $300k/year, and the five most challenging things about being a physician.


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