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Random can be defined as being creatively flexible (Zebalina, April 8, 2010). Life may require very rigid and structured schedules and goals however spending time with friends and family needs the moments to be creatively flexible. Sometimes life requires people to be creatively flexible with life’s circumstances. For instance, CEO Kaye Jackson of Random Whine believes that wine is best paired with creatively relaxed conversation. With the theme of women’s History Month, we want to salute Kaye Jackson, one of the newest budding entrepreneurs on the national scene. 

Kaye hails from the New York of the South, Atlanta, Georgia. She echoes that the random wine is an entire experience filled with arbitrary conversations and extraordinary outcomes. It is what random friends do together to create a beautifully random experience discussing random topics while randomly indulging in what was created for this exact moment “wine”.

My wife and I personally had the opportunity to meet Ms. Jackson, last fall in October of 2022, in Washington, DC. All were attending that convening and had the chance to taste her wine and hear how she became the CEO of Random Whine.

Courtesy of Dr. Lawrence Jones lll

Her story and venue were captivating and unforgettable. I encourage all to read more about this excellent wine company. Not only are they selling wine, but they are also creating moments and opportunities for people to get together to enjoy their time at random times. From her website: “Kaye Jackson’s infectious spirit, wonderful soul, and big heart shine through in everything she does.

 Kaye is an innovative leader who set out to accomplish goals with her solid work ethic and focus on the task at hand while overcoming obstacles along the way has led others on their journeys as well – all this throughout being a great mom to her two boys and an extraordinary wife. She inspires others daily by setting examples of what it means to be strong both inside and out, having a passion for life, and impacting others along the way.”

Often people have pipe dreams, bucket lists of the types of careers, jobs, travels, or even an alter ego in a good way. But, so many people have started to appreciate the beauty of life, and trying to slow down time is insurmountable. Kaye Jackson is a breast cancer survivor who’s had the opportunity to reset her life to start a new career and go for the gusto to reach out with her Random  Whine business. For Women’s History Month, we The Narrative Matter’s team, believe that Kay Jackson epitomizes the spirit of the rising entrepreneur. A Black Woman Entrepreneur. 

The opportunity of now and the never-ending desire to bring laughter and smiles and inspire people to dream bigger and better than ever before. The Narrative Matters tribute to Women’s History Month is that we encourage women to continue striving, thriving, and reaching for the skies. Also, continue to be the strong mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and great friends God has intended them to be.The Narrative Matters!


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