My female partner left marks on my body when she assaulted me. I posted the pictures. I did not say her name, but everybody knew who it was.  She even had the audacity to ask me to give her a public apology. That is true narcissistic behavior.
A great majority of the women were, when I lived there , from1950- 1979, were  called ”housewives”  In spring, work life was all about cleaning, planting tobacco, vegetable, and flowers gardens.  Springtime, awaken all the residents, both young and old  of  the community, and its intoxicating  energy  gifted them joy and blissful living.
First it was leaked out that Gruden in 2011 made comments about the NFL Players Association Attorney De Maurice Smith’s appearance in a racist trope about his lips. This was in frustration because of the labor unrest at that time facing the possibility of no season or a lockout shortened season.
George Floyd Courtesy of C.Robles
While the interrelated crises impact entire communities, they put a particularly heavy burden on Afrodecendientes: Afro-Latino and Afro-Indio descendants. NOTE: “Indio” refers to anyone who is of indigenous Latin American descent.  It is a term that is essential in understanding Indigenous-Afro-Latino identities.
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