If you have been watching or reading the news, you must have encountered the recent strike by 200 Uber drivers just 2 miles from Taylor Swift’s concert. They have been asking for a fair increase in pay rates as inflation has battered people across the country. Amidst this chaos has arisen a new ride-sharing app from Atlanta called Quik Carry, which eyes a disruption in the industry.

The mission of Quik Carry is to provide exceptional car-hailing service while emphasizing the role of Black-owned businesses. It is a 100% Black-owned company that can fill the gap left by Uber and provide excellent service to commuters.

Let’s look at some ways Quik Carry plans to disrupt the car ride industry.

1. Driver Empowerment 

It’s not the first time that Uber drivers have gone on a strike. Driver empowerment should be a significant part of any car riding service, and Quik Carry is serious about it.

However, it’s not all talk, as the company has a robust plan to turn its ideas into reality. Quik Carry is offering a 50/50 program for its partners to build better relationships with local businesses. It will encourage companies to partner with Quik Carry, share their values, and benefit financially from the partnership.

2. Customer Safety 

Although Uber has claimed passengers are safe with them in their own reports, the truth seems slightly different. In 2022, more than 550 women filed lawsuits against Uber, whom Uber drivers allegedly assaulted. 

On the other hand, Quik Carry is quite serious about the issue and intends to take steps to ensure passenger safety on its platform. The first thing they do is to perform robust background checks so that only drivers with clean records are inducted.

However, not just Quik Carry has taken the issue seriously. Other ride-sharing services by the Black community have also vowed to tackle the problem.

For instance, the Go Girl Ride introduced by Trenelle Doyle wants women and LGBTQ+ to have safe rides. Similarly, another women-exclusive ride share app called HERide was founded by Jillian Anderson and DeVynne Starks in Georgia.

3. Affordable Rides 

One of Quik Carry’s most important missions is to make affordable rides available to everyone. Ride-sharing is an excellent way to minimize traffic congestion, reduce pollution, and build a greener future. However, with the increase in ride-sharing demand, the driver supply will be constrained, and someone needs to step up.

The rates offered by Quik Carry are lower than other services, such as Uber and Lyft. Moreover, while passengers enjoy a safe ride, the drivers can bring 100% of their earnings home during the first month of joining. Subsequently, they get 50% of the rides, making it the most lucrative service for drivers today.

Quik Carry is a genuinely commendable step in the right direction. It’s another initiative by Black entrepreneurs to not only resolve a genuine problem but expand the influence of their community in the economy. With other ride-sharing services also being introduced, the future looks bright for the industry, particularly for Black entrepreneurs.

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