Comcast’s decision to blackout Bally Sports has left Tiger fans without coverage and sparked outrage among sports enthusiasts.


Sinclair Broadcasting bought Bally Sports just 5 years ago, with hopes to add billions more to their tv empire, With sports growing in popularity and and the boring TV programs on cable,  it seemed a “no brainer” at the time. The problem today is, sports is still growing in popularity but the number of people who are willing to pay $160 a month to watch has shrunk drastically. Had Sinclair looked a little deeper, they would have found out that cable viewing has been in decline for more than a decade. They are being replaced by streaming platforms just as they (cable) replaced analog TV’.

When MLB took Sinclair’s money, they knew the industry was moving to streaming. They had been involved with BamTech for years;

The decline in Comcast’s subscriber base has had a direct impact on Bally’s ability to generate revenue to pay it’s investors,  MLB fees, the production company, announcers, and Comcast itself.

So, Bally is informing their customers that they can now watch the games on various national, but impersonal, streaming platforms. However, these platforms are losing their appeal as the public realizes that their payments only serve to consolidate power in the hands of the giant media companies that own them.

The ‘go local’ movement has extended its reach to the media industry. Many media services, including sports broadcasting, can be initiated locally. Today, these giant companies often act as intermediaries. However, with the rise of AI’s ability to replace workers and investment firms buying companies and then stripping them down, the need for local initiatives becomes more apparent. We need policymakers and leaders to extend their vision beyond their immediate circles and create opportunities for the people they represent. 

This massive change in the important media industry will be a chance to initiate a new model or continue with the old guard.

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