This is Williams' first Coach of the Year award, and after an incredible season, it is well-deserved. From the tragedy of losing his wife, Ingrid Williams, from a car crash in 2016, up to this point, Williams has persevered and fought through any obstacle. And now, he is getting the recognition he deserves. 
Garland has accepted his role of being a facilitator but scoring when it is necessary. And with veteran guard Ricky Rubio as a mentor, he'll only get better. 
 Let’s all admit that trading for Russell Westbrook was a terrible idea, he didn’t work out in Houston, it worked out ok in Washington. But he wasn’t a part of the long term plan, and it’s not working at all in Los Angeles.  He makes a ton of money, which makes him tough to trade, but teams still find a way to do it, he turns the ball over often and he’s not a great mid-range or 3- point shooter.  Rob Pelinka, clean up a mess you made and trade Russell Westbrook.
Irving's absence has been one of the major topics of this season. He's missed all of the season up to this point due to New York's COVID-19 vaccine mandate. And after the Nets announced he could not practice or play unless he complied with the mandate, it looked like he wouldn't play at all. However, things have changed. 
Rams vs Packers – Two of the best teams in the NFC battle it out on Sunday at 4:30 pm. I expect a shootout, the Packers just lost a shootout to the Vikings last week, and with Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey on the Rams I expect them to have just enough to beat the MVP. (Expect to see OBJ get involved for LA)
This year, there are some teams who most fans wouldn't consider contenders making some noise. They are looking like playoff contenders, and if everything goes right, we'll see them in the playoffs when it's time. This is especially true for the Eastern Conference. With that said, let's take a look at Eastern Conference teams that are exceeding expectations. 
The Defensive Player of the Year award isn't the most popular award of the league, but it takes a special player to win it. 
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