Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner, and we want to party. Depending on what you like, it could be a full-blown party with a large group of friends or an intimate one with family. Whichever it will be, the Holiday Season this year is, for most, a chance to make up for last year’s festivities, or lack thereof.

But with Covid-19 still a real threat, how do you make sure that you and your guests are safe this season. And of course, you will place sanitisers all around the venue, and you might ask people to wear masks or practice social distancing.

As you send out invites for your party and include the above measures, will you draw the line when it comes to asking your guests whether they are vaccinated? Is it prying to ask that?

As much as we would like to believe that this year’s festivities will be similar to those of pre-pandemic times, it would be reckless to assume that the Covid-19 nightmare is behind us. So how do you go about hosting a holiday party and communicating vaccination requirements?

Respect Your Guest’s Decision

The decision to get vaccinated is a personal decision. Though you might not fully understand why somebody might not want to get vaccinated, it is not your place to make judgement on their decision.

It is safe if you are all vaccinated, as you will be protecting the at-risk population from contracting Covid-19. It is important to you that all your guests be vaccinated; communicate this in your invitation.

Choose How Your Vaccination Requirements Will Appear

How do you communicate that you would like only vaccinated guests at your party without burning bridges? The simple to this is, the wording, and even that, might not be enough if your unvaccinated guests decide to take offence.

Despite that, it is essential that as you send invites, you include the requirements as well. While other sources suggest that you try using a survey kind of invitation such as

  • have you been vaccinated?
  • Do you understand that to attend the wedding, you must be fully vaccinated?
  • Will you and your guests be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 before the event?

It is vital that you communicate that you would have loved to have them and no judgment for their decision. For example, suggests: Out of concerns for our guests, we would love for those planning to attend, including their plus-ones, to be vaccinated.

Avoid Confrontation

Your invitation may be very diplomatic in telling people what you expect, and while others may be willing to oblige, there are the few that want to argue. You might get guilt-tripped, and straight-up insulted, but remember it is your right to set ground rules for your party. If they are willing to listen, you can tell them where you are coming from without disrespecting them—don’t take it as an opportunity to berate somebody for their choice.

You do need a full glass of patience; some would-be guests will try to negotiate with you on your requirements but stand bold behind your decision. As much as you do not want this to be a time to learn how to set boundaries, this situation is a great learning curve. Finally, it is human to always expect the worst, but your guests might actually be very understanding.

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