Special travel coverage in the city of Miami Florida. Featuring the Travvy’s awards, a Miami fire and Cruise World.

Last week, I attended the 2021 Cruise World conference in Miami Beach, Florida at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The reason I’m giving you the specifics on where exactly the event was held.

Because at the end of day one, the newly renovated convention center (640 million dollar investment) caught on fire. In which, it postponed the Travvy’s  annual travel award ceremony until day 2 of the conference.

 The Cruise World conference is put together by NorthStar Travel which also hosts the Travvy Awards.  Northstar Travel is an important resource for the travel industry, as they host the Travel Pulse Podcast.

They have tools like Agent Studio that help travel agents with marketing, and also the travel agent academy that offers agents training on different destinations. Like any convention you get a big stage setup, with general sessions, in this case travel agents.

And vendors get into a room and talk about how they got through the pandemic and what is the outlook for travel over the next year or so. New cruise ships are discussed while motivational speeches are given and sometimes things are given away, airfare, free cruises etc.

   There are also breakout sessions where the real learning is done, and if you’re attending one of these function that is where you get your money worth. There were sessions on how to leverage social media and how to diversify your business.

Certain vendors will host sessions and give information on their product and how to market it and sell it. It’s also a great opportunity for networking as there are travel agents and vendors from all over the world at a lot of these major conferences.

  Day 2 of the conference included the trade show where vendors have tables and they give away cool swag and literature about their cruise ships, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and touring companies.  It’s where business development managers and sales managers get to network and build relationships with travel advisors.

Due to the fire that blazed the roof of the Miami Beach Convention Center, the Travvy Awards happened on night 2 instead of night one when it was originally scheduled. Big winners at the awards show were American Airlines which received kudos as the best airline, Centrav which won as the best Air Consolidator, and Royal Caribbean garnered a lot of awards in the cruising category.

Miami Convention Center fire Courtesy of WPLG Local 10

There were over 90,000+ votes, from advisors all over the nation.  To see all of the winners of the awards go to www.travvyawards.com

The next Cruiseworld will be November 2-4 in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2022. Hopefully by then cruising will be back with ships back full at 100% capacity.

 And there will be ship inspections, in which there were none this year. If you are in the travel industry events like Cruise World are where you need to be. Lastly, they are well worth the investment and the travel if the event is not in your city.

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