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When you start to see your health and fitness issues from God’s perspective, like Adam and Eve your eyes are opened to the enemy’s deception, and you realize that something precious has been stolen from you (Genesis 3:7).  Suddenly, God’s light illuminates the truth of the matter as if you had been standing in a darkened room. You can see that the enemy has not only stolen your body’s flattering physique, but he has also stolen your self-confidence, your self-esteem, and your positive self-image. In many cases, he has cost you friends, romantic attachments, and taken your loved ones prematurely due to an obesity related illness or eating disorder.  In the worst cases, he has also stolen your health, and you are dependent upon drugs to extend your life, therapy to learn how to walk or talk again, or other people to help you perform even minor daily activities.

Unlike Adam and Eve, this revelation is not necessarily a fatal one for us.  In their case, disobedience meant immediate spiritual death and physical death later. It is actually the opposite for us. In terms of health and fitness and every other sin, the revelation brings about spiritual life when we repent through Christ and an extended physical life as we turn from our sin and obediently eat and drink for His glory! That is, it will if we do not wait until it is too late. Best of all, we get another benefit that was denied Adam and Eve in the natural. They could never return to the Garden of Eden, but God says to you the same thing He said to David after the enemy stole from him.

Both of David’s wives and the family members of his men had been kidnapped during a raid while David was away from home, and Ziklag was set on fire and burned. However, David wisely asked God whether or not he should pursue the enemy before he took up his weapons to fight. God’s answer was yes! I exhort you today in the Name of Jesus that victory is yours just as it was granted to David! You will lose the weight and keep it off for the rest of your days! You will finally be free of your eating disorder, but you must first be willing to put your war clothes on, show up on the battlefield, and fight for what is rightfully yours!  Through Christ, take up your spiritual weapons and, “Pursue!  For thou shalt surely overtake them and without fail recover all” (1 Samuel 30:8)!

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