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Marc Ross joins the XFL as Executive Vice President of Football Operations, where he is responsible for all aspects of football operations, including rules and gameplay, logistics and league planning, as well as innovation, data and analytics. Marc has over 20 years of professional football experience working across both league and team levels within the NFL. He is also a current analyst on NFL Network. Marc will report to Russ Brandon.
Hey NFL, please stop subjecting us to Thanksgiving football games in Detroit!!!  The Lions are annually awful, why must we do this every year.  There are other teams with domes, if they need the game to be inside, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Houston.  Tradition is not a logical reason to continue to do something.  Logic at some point has to take over at the NFL offices.
The Rams believe they have the QB to properly run their system, a defense that can get folks off the field. So, is OBJ the last piece of the puzzle of a championship team? Or is this the last stop and part 3 of a cautionary tale of a wasted talent.
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Giants vs Chiefs – Not sure who thought it would be a good idea to put this on a Monday night.  Schedule Gods please explain??  Andy Reid’s worst nightmare, losing to the stinky Giants at home on national television.  Well folks it is Halloween weekend, but Michael Myers ain’t dead yet, and neither are the Chiefs. Mahomey and Big Andy figure out a way to slide by G-Men.
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 However, Dan Snyder as a part of the “punishment” was supposed to quarantine away from team operations. He then was to put in charge during this time away, someone totally disconnected to him and able to give the team some distance from the past right? 
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Chiefs vs Titans – Chiefs win in a squeaker.  It’s a 50/50 game with the way King Henry is running and the way Patrick Mahomes is turning it over.  If Mahomes can stay away from Turnovers, the Chiefs win. If they turn it over a bunch like they have been and they are in trouble.
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Bills vs Chiefs – Game of the week in my eyes. The Chiefs have two losses already, to win this game would re-establish them at the league’s best team.  The Bills are squashing people, and playing really well, and have the momentum.  The Chiefs have come back to the pack a bit.  Bills establish themselves as an elite team in the league.
For months on end, the Washington Football team was under investigation for fostering a toxic work environment...
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