The legendary American rapper Snoop Dogg officially confirmed his collaboration with BTS during the American contest red carpet. BTS is a South Korean band formed in 2010 and is popular worldwide with a large fan base. Back in January, Snoop Dogg revealed on the Mogul Talk podcast that he had received a request from global sensation K-pop artists BTS to collaborate. He also confirmed the news on his twitter page.

Snoop Dogg Twitter

In this interview, he claimed that he had no idea who this group named BTS is waiting on me to do a song with is. And I’m trying to figure out if I got time to do that it Snoop wasn’t aware of how big the South Korean group was, and he had to ask his nephew for more information on them. “He showed me five motherfuckers who look like the Asian New Edition,” says Snoop. “I said okay.”

“The BTS experience you keep talking about,” said the American rapper, “I will let them tell you about it. He said,” It’s official like a referee with a whistle in the reports”. It seems that he is enjoying working with this group, for in the interview, he is saying that BTS makes good music. Snoop has earlier done music outside his hip hop and rap realm. He had previously worked with girl groups Girls Generation and 2NE1. He was featured on Psy’s 2014 song and MONSTA X. Meanwhile, BTS has also collaborated with American artists such as Coldplay, Halsey, Megan Thee Stallion, Lauv, and Jason Derulo, among others. By doing this, BTS will be bringing the world together. However, the agency has not confirmed or denied the rapper’s statement earlier in January, Snoop Dogg in Mogul podcast, that he received a request from BTS to work together. This upcoming project made fans happy for the possibility of a collaboration between the two legendary artists.

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