Women’s History Month.

By Temi Iwalaiye for The Pulse.org

1. Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman freed a lot of slaves [Wikipedia]

Even before they were able to receive an education, some black women were so instrumental in shaping the modern world.

Harriet Tubman is most remembered for her efforts to convey slaves to liberation through the Underground Railroad, a network of antislavery activists. She is known to have made around 13 voyages through the Underground Railroad, guiding dozens of slaves to freedom, and was never apprehended despite a $40,000 bounty for her arrest.

Madam C J walker was all about hair care [Wikipedia]

She was born Sarah Breedlove to slave parents and is she is the “first African woman millionaire in America,”, she made her fortune with a homemade line of hair care items for Black women. She was inspired to make her hair products after experiencing hair loss. She developed the first hot comb and/or the first hair-straightening formula for black women.

Katharine Johnson story was portrayed in the movie, Hidden figures [Nasa]
Shirley Jackson made using the phone easier [Pocit]

The invention of fibre-optic cables by Shirley Jackson, which connects communication systems all over the world, is her most impressive accomplishment.

At Bell Telephones, where she began her career, she contributed to the invention of touch-tone dialling and call-waiting.

The discoveries made by Shirley, the first African American woman to get a doctorate in particle physics, provide the basis for a lot of contemporary technology.

Valerie Thomas made 3D images possible [Wikipedia]

The illusion transmitter, created in 1980 by NASA physicist Valerie Thomas, projects three-dimensional pictures onto a screen display using concave mirrors. The technique would pave the way for contemporary 3D films, and NASA is still using it today.

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