Pizza hut is one of the world’s largest restaurant franchises and a promoter of children’s education. Pizza Hut created The Pizza Hut BOOK IT! program in 1984 with the dedication to encouraging reading in schools nationwide. Book It! states, “Our work is more than just a corporate mission, it’s a personal challenge to turn have to read into want to read, and our time-tested incentives work. We are the largest and longest-running corporate supported reading program, and now we are fostering the second generation of program alumni. We know that reading makes a difference”.

While the program is available to date, it has developed a new update for this age of constantly growing technology. In the past, students received paper certificates that were only redeemable in restaurants. Now, the certificates can be redeemed when dining in at Pizza Hut, ordering deliveries online, or even getting takeaway. “If you can order a Pizza Hut pizza, you can redeem your Book It! certificate,” Book It manager Natasha Collins said about the update.

This summer, Pizza Hut continues to motivate young readers by launching a newstalgia campaign with the new Camp BOOK IT summer reading program “The BOOK IT! Program was such an integral part of the heyday of Pizza Hut and the childhoods of those we’re reaching with our Newstalgia campaign,” Lindsay Morgan, chief marketing officer of Pizza Hut, said. “It’s amazing to now be able to make reading fun for the next generation with great pizza, great books, and engaging activities to fill their summer break, especially as uncertainties remain in the coming months.” Pizza hut continues delivering Newstalgia with Camp BOOK IT! by selling Vintage-Inspired BOOK IT! T-shirts and “Once Upon a Time” $10 Tastemakers.

The CAMP BOOK IT! summer reading program will be available for all kids heading into kindergarten through the sixth grade and run from June through August. Pizza Hut’s Camp BOOK IT also features super fun activities related to books. All kinds of reading material are suitable for this summer reading challenge. According to Camp BOOK IT, the goal is to encourage kids to read for an average of 20 minutes a day at least five days a week. Once the kids meet their monthly reading goal, they’ll receive a badge and a certificate with a serialized code for one-topping Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut! They also suggest book recommendations weekly to add to your child’s to-be-read list. Parents can use the digital dashboard to keep track of what their children are reading, be it eBooks or magazines.

Approximately 14 million students in kindergarten through sixth grade participate annually. Pizza Hut calls the program “iconic” and says it has reached 1 in 5 Americans, where most of those who participated in the program as kids read to their children daily. Therefore, parents are encouraged to enroll their kids in the Pizza Hut summer reading program.

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