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Mothers Day is such a happy day of the year and one of remembering with fondness. A day of mixed feelings of sad and sentiment if your mother has passed on. Some celebrate their mother by visiting a grave or plaque, others reminisce over video or pics, and some have a meal and raise a glass. Whichever way you remember your mother here are a few ways you can create a living memory to match the one in your heart.

It’s about family on Mothers Day

Mothers are often the cement of the family so when was the last time you were in touch with yours? Have some of you drifted apart too far? Perhaps this could be the day to make that call and get in touch and have a chat, a catch-up, in honour of mum.

As a family you can remember mum by sharing memories with your family and friends. Post them on social media and ask those that knew her to post some also. This brings a number of you together on Mother’s Day.

How does her garden grow for Mothers Day?

What you plant in a garden and nurture will grow. Why not plant a tree in honour of her memory? How about her favourite tree, or even her favourite flowers in a garden bed? If your garden isn’t big enough just in a pot to watch it grow and flourish.

Think of the times you shared a meal 

Was there perhaps a special meal your mum made you when you were a child? Why not prepare it for a Mother’s Day meal with the family or friends. You could have everyone bring a plate and your dish is your mums special one which will bring back many wonderful childhood memories.

What was your favourite place to go together?

Is there a favourite beach or park your mother used to take you as a child? Go there, reminisce. Write ‘mum I love you’ in the sand. Take a picnic, take a walk and enjoy that special place all over again. Look around at the plants and trees and how they pass in Autumn only to return in Spring. Perhaps in your mind tune in and let her know you are thinking of her. She lives on in your heart and I am sure her sound advice given in love sometimes still echoes in your ears.

Post a letter to heaven

If you are so inclined write her a letter about how much you miss her. Tell her in it what’s happening in your life. Post it by burning it and watch the flames rise to heaven’s post office. This is an energy healing technique we often use to release and send energy when we are ready to shift it in some way.

Parts of us that live on

Many years ago, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, whose book ‘On Death and Dying’ inspired me at the age of 15, wrote about the five stages of grief. It was the beginning of a path for me which I continue to cherish today. In some ways a part of us still lives with grief for those that passed, even if it was many years ago. It may be a song, a flower, a certain butterfly or a bird that brings that memory. Either way it is bitter-sweet and cherished. For more ways to honour your moments of grief check out

Different people remember and grieve differently

When we grieve, we grieve for the physical. For the hug, the kiss, the sharing, the emotion. What about the deeper part of us? The intuition, the spirit, the soul and the love? I once had a client that told me that since her mum passed on, she asks her for parking places. I’ve always remembered that. She said that when she goes to a busy shopping centre, she asks her mum to have parking ready for the car. And she told me it works. This obviously is reminiscent of the love and protection she shared with her mum. Does her mum find her parking places from heaven? The answer is not as important as what she shared with her mother and what she believes for herself. We all come from different backgrounds with different beliefs. Do what works for you.

There are many ways on this day that you can materialise your memories of your mother. This is not just for you but for all that loved her. One of the best ways of course is to remember that which she loved – YOU – and to honour yourself, pamper yourself and do things you love to do. She would want you to be happy and if you look after yourself in the best way you can on that day, depending on what you believe, she will be smiling down on you with a glimmer in her eye. So, no matter what you believe – have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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