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A Black student was arrested at Winston-Salem State University on Tuesday for not apologizing to a white professor. Dr. Cynthia Villagomez called campus police on Leilla Marie after she declined to revise her final presentation.

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@okayybriaaA  professor at Winston Salem State University, Had a student arrested this morning for not apologizing to her after she raised her voice at her in response to the professor for raising her voice first. The  cop is also just as problematic because he threatens to arrest students on numerous occasions. There needs to be justice for Leila right now and I will not stop until the professor and the Officer are fired.♬ original sound – Okayybriaa

Videos have surfaced showing Leilla Marie handcuffed in a classroom and being ed out by police officers.

“you’re getting me taken out in handcuffs ’cause I won’t apologize?” Marie said.

Marie was ultimately released “with bruises and a 2nd-degree misdemeanor.” She explained her side of the story detailing the stages of the argument that led to her arrest. During an Instagram live, Marie alleges Villagomez told her on short notice that her group project was incorrect and needed to be revised. The project was due to be presented on the same day.

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Marie decided not to redo her final assignment and still came to class wanting to present with her group, and Villagomez told her it would “greatly impact your grade.”

According to NewsOne, Marie alleges the two began yelling at each other before the professor told Marie to leave the class. Marie refused to leave the class. Villagomez reported the incident to another professor which led to the on-campus police being called.

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