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Celebrate Juneteenth with the launch of the Black Wall Street Ticker, a symbol of economic freedom for the Black community.

Left to right: Melvin Coleman President Atlanta Black Chamber, Dr. Charles Walker Founder, FotM Global, Joyce Rhodes, Vice Chair, Atlanta Black Chambers Foundation, Micheal Hill CEO Georgia Coalition of Black Chambers, Durrell “Bishop” Scott Sr. V.P Special Projects FotM Global Photo Credit: FotM GLOBAL

On Juneteenth in Baltimore, a new initiative called the Black Wall Street Ticker is launching to help Black businesses thrive and bridge the wealth gap. This project aims to promote economic freedom and justice in the city, honoring its history and resilience. By tracking spending and supporting Black-owned businesses, the Ticker encourages community members to make intentional choices that support economic empowerment. The Baltimore Times is a key partner in this effort, promoting transparency and accountability in financial activities. Through the Our Money United campaign, consumers can support Black businesses and drive meaningful change. This initiative, led by FotM Global and The Baltimore Times, sets a precedent for other cities to follow, creating a nationwide movement towards economic resilience and empowerment. Join the movement to build a brighter future for Baltimore and beyond.

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At the stroke of midnight on Juneteenth, a historic moment will unfold in Baltimore, ushering in a new era of economic freedom. The launch of the Black Wall Street Ticker by Friends of the Movement Global (FotM Global), in collaboration with The Baltimore Times, is set to transform the city’s economic landscape.This innovative initiative aims to bridge the wealth gap and foster a thriving, united community, standing as a testament to Baltimore’s resilience and a clarion call for economic justice.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, once a bustling center of the brutal African slave trade, now symbolizes resilience and transformation.The poignant recollections of Frederick Douglass, who described the harrowing sounds of enslaved Africans being led to ships bound for the South, remind us of the city’s dark history. Today, the Inner Harbor tells a different story. David Bramble, a Black real estate developer, now owns the very land where enslaved Africans were once bought and sold. His achievement, rooted in perseverance and astute business acumen, is a reflection of Baltimore’s evolving narrative.

Situated just 100 feet from the historic Baltimore Black Wall Street district, Baltimore’s Times has served Baltimore Black business community for over 38 years. With over 130 Black-owned businesses contributing to this dynamic ecosystem, Baltimore stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit. Despite this vibrancy, economic inequality persists, and the city’s Black community continues to strive for economic justice and empowerment. The introduction of the Black Wall Street Ticker is a strategic move to address these longstanding challenges.

Photo Credit: FotM GLOBAL | Our Money United Launch atop of Georgia’s Own Credit Union Building in downtown Atlanta on August 24th, 2024. 

The historic launch of the Black Wall Street Ticker on Juneteenth is not just about economic strategies; it is a fulfillment of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s dream of economic freedom. In his discussions with Harry Belafonte, Dr. King emphasized the need for economic empowerment as a cornerstone of true freedom. “I’ve come upon something that disturbs me deeply,” Dr. King told Belafonte. “We have fought hard and long for integration, as I believe we should have, and I know we will win. But I’ve come to believe we’re integrating into a burning house.”

Photo Credit: FotM GLOBAL | Picture of the Future Black Wall Street 

Dr. Charles Walker, CEO of FotM Global, has dedicated over 35 years to a vision where the Black community can leverage its economic power to build generational wealth. His journey, driven by a relentless pursuit of economic justice, has culminated in the Black Wall Street Ticker—a sophisticated infrastructure designed to foster generational wealth within the Black community. “Our purpose for creating the Black Wall Street Ticker is to promote economic empowerment and celebrate friends of the movement in a way that has never been done before. Unparalleled transparency and accountability. We need to know who our friends are,” said Dr. Walker.

Dr. King’s vision for economic freedom included the Poor People’s Campaign, aimed at closing the wealth gap. This campaign highlighted the urgent need for economic empowerment and justice, emphasizing that true freedom extends beyond civil rights to economic security. Dr. King’s ideas have inspired FotM Global’s shift from reactive boycotts to proactive “buycotts,” ensuring sustained economic support for Black and allied businesses.

Photo Credit FotM Global | Left to Right  Durrell “Bishop” Scott and Dr. Charles Walker 

The Power of the Black Wall Street Ticker

The Black Wall Street Ticker, a key component of FotM Global’s mission, is designed to unite Black consumers and their allies, amplifying their collective economic impact. By tracking and reporting spending, giving, and investing activities in real-time, the Ticker provides a transparent and accountable view of economic contributions to Black businesses.

A Permanent Buycott Campaign

The Black Wall Street Ticker’s 24/7 permanent Buycott campaign leverages the power of sustained consumer activism. This proactive approach encourages continuous support for Black and ally businesses, driving meaningful change and ensuring that every dollar spent contributes to closing the wealth gap.

Atlanta: The First Conscious City

Atlanta was the first city to launch the Black Wall Street Ticker, setting a precedent as the first official conscious city. The program was incubated at the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurship (RICE), the largest Black business incubator in the United States. This center now houses the first Black Wall Street Ticker, with Black businesses from the Atlanta Black Chamber of Commerce featured in the Voter Wallet for consumers to support.

Media Partnerships and National Reach

Reach TV, a Black-owned media entity and the largest airport advertising company, will be promoting the Ticker on over 2,500 screens in more than 90 airports, reaching an audience of 158 million people. This extensive promotion extends to over 500,000 hotels and bars, significantly amplifying the Ticker’s visibility and impact.

The Role of The Baltimore Times

The Baltimore Times, as a media sponsor and conscious city delegate, plays a crucial role in this transformative initiative. By integrating the Black Wall Street Ticker into their website and media platforms, The Baltimore Times aims to unite city leaders and organizations in a collective effort to promote economic justice. The Times will also publish a list of corporate friends of the movement—companies that have pledged to spend, give, and invest in the Black community, showcasing their commitment to true friendship and economic support.

Accountability and Transparency

The Black Wall Street Ticker holds both the Black community and their allies accountable by displaying their financial activities for all Baltimoreans to see. This transparency fosters a more informed and intentional spending community, encouraging consumers to support businesses that align with their values.

The Our Money United Campaign

The Our Money United campaign, driven by the Black Wall Street Ticker, encourages consumers to support Black and ally businesses, leveraging their spending power to drive change. With an annual spending power of $1.8 trillion within the Black community and a combined $7 trillion when including allies, the Ticker aims to harness this economic force to close the wealth gap. By participating, merchants gain visibility, increased revenue, and access to a network of conscious consumers. Additionally, merchants receive education and support through FotM’s Impact Central, enhancing their operations and social impact.

A Call to Action

Baltimore, now is the time to stand together and make every dollar count. Join the Our Money United campaign and support the Black Wall Street Ticker. Visit and The Baltimore Times to learn more about how you can participate, support Black businesses, and be a part of this historic movement. Let’s ensure that every dollar, every day, everywhere, has a lasting impact. Together, we can build a brighter, more equitable future for  Baltimore and beyond. FotM Global has entered into a partnership with Operation Hope’s 1MBB program to help scale 1 million Black businesses by 2030. 

A Legacy Continues

The Black Wall Street Ticker is more than just a tool; it is a movement towards economic justice and empowerment. By tracking and reporting economic activities, the Ticker fosters a more informed and intentional spending community. The collaboration between FotM Global and The Baltimore Times sets a precedent for other cities, inspiring a nationwide movement towards conscious spending and economic resilience.

As Baltimore embraces this innovative initiative, it stands as a beacon of hope and resilience, paving the way for a future where generational wealth is not just a dream, but a reality. Through the collaborative efforts of FotM Global, The Baltimore Times, and the entire community, Baltimore is poised to become a model of economic empowerment and justice.

In the words of Dr. Walker, “Our journey has just begun, it will take time to build city by city, but together, we are unstoppable. Every dollar we spend is a vote for our future, a step towards the generational wealth we have long been denied. The Black Wall Street Ticker is our tool, our voice, and our path to economic justice.”

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