NEW DELHI — Hospitals in the national capital of India are reporting a rise in cases of viral illnesses and Swine Flu Influenza (H1N1) due to weather oscillating between hot and rainy.

The cases as per doctors are more this year compared to last year.

The Swine Flu emerged in 2009, the first case of influenza A H1N1 was reported from Mexico. Subsequently, the infection led to the spread of disease across 74 countries, with 30,000 confirmed cases by the month of June 2009.

A total of 214 countries were affected by the pandemic worldwide.

However, over the past few years, there has been a significant reduction in the cases.

A doctor at a city hospital said recently that 80 percent of seasonal flu cases were reported in the hospital.

“In our hospital, 80 percent were cases of seasonal flu, and 20 percent cases are of Swine flu,” said Atul Gogia, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

“Covid cases are also here. Because symptoms are similar to Covid, people are getting their tests done, but most of them are reporting seasonal flu or Swine flu,” said Gogia.

As per Rommel Tickoo, Director, Internal Medicine of Max Healthcare, “A lot of patients are coming into our Out-Patient Departments with flu-like symptoms, high fever, body ache, cough, and cold. Most of them are recovering in five to seven days with symptomatic treatments and don’t need hospitalization.”

Tickoo further said that people should not panic and take all the required precautionary measures to protect themselves.

Swine Flu symptoms are similar to those of Covid-19. However, there is no need to panic. But, yes, you have to get tested for Covid-19.”

“Almost everyone is recovering without any hospitalization nowadays. We still have to take precautions. Follow Covid-19 protocols by wearing the masks, stay away from crowded places, etc.,” the Max Healthcare doctor said.

Sameer Bhati, director of Star Imaging, also spoke on the rising viral cases in the national capital and acknowledged that Swine flu symptoms are similar to Covid-19.

“As everyone knows, due to sudden change in the weather, seasonal flu cases are increasing.”

“Recently, in Delhi, some patients are reporting high fever, difficulty in breathing, and they have similar symptoms of Covid-19 which is actually not Covid-19, but Swine Flu.”

“We get to know after we get their further tests done,” said Sameer Bhatti, Health Expert, Star Imaging,” Bhati said.

“We are getting many cases of seasonal flu also. So, it’s important to take all the precautions to protect yourself from these ‘flus.’”

(With inputs from ANI)

Edited by Vaibhav Pawar and Pallavi Mehra

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