The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation has launched a first-of-its-kind tour about innovation from a female perspective, from the perspective of women who broke through glass ceilings in Israel and around the world.

“Women Creating Innovation,” sponsored by Salesforce Israel, is part of the center’s Innovation Center.

The launch event was attended by the Minister of Economy and Industry Orna Barbivai, the first Israeli women to achieve the rank of major general in the IDF.

The event featured a panel of industry-leading women.

“I come from Arab society, and I did not let them prevent me from moving forward and dreaming, even when they told me no,” said Ola Baker, founder of GrowOn, a business boutique for early-stage biotech startups.

Dr. Yael Gold-Zamir, CEO of fertility-tech startup Embryonics, said that as an ultra-Orthodox entrepreneur, “it is very important to me to convey the message that no matter how you dress or what you believe, your way is your uniqueness and you have to maintain it. There are always obstacles and difficult situations, but do not give up on yourself and do not listen to background noise.”

May Piamenta, CEO of VEE, which matches companies with corporate volunteering opportunities, said her company is 65 percent female. “I think that women know how to put aside all background noise, making clear decisions and seeing the good of society.”

Guided tours are available for groups of up to 20, ages 10 and up.

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