Discover the compelling story of “Baby Daddy Drama”, a play written and directed by playwright Mary Ann Washington. Explore the complexities of family, drama, and parenthood in this must-see production

Baby Daddy Drama a playwright, written and directed by Mary Ann Washington founder of The Actors’ Renaissance Theatre. 

This production was viewed on May 24th, 2024 through June 2nd, 2024 at Theatre Works on the Square in Memphis Tennessee had a total of seven performances, with amazing actors and actresses sharing their talents. 

Here’s the  list of performers that you may or may not know but should know:  

Tramaine Morgan, Adrian Kennard, Jasira Marion Olatunji, Nichole Tate-Jackson, Betty Curley, Renwick Malone, Carnecia Avant, Mikey Christian, Shamika Williams, Jasmine Alexander, Caroline Liggins, Sheronica Rene, Latricia Parks, and Jikena Bush.

(Sneak Preview)

The story line starts off with a new married couple known as Herschel Sinclair and Mona Lewis-Sinclair on their honeymoon at the beach. Mona a devoted actress and younger sister to Darius and Laverne Lewis. After a serious phone conversation between Darius the CEO of Vivid Scope and Mona begins. Herschel the CEO of Visual Media approaches with two piña coladas  in his hands grooving to some island music just as Mona was rapping up with Darius. Things got heated between the couple, leading Herschel to abandon his new bride. Unbeknownst secrets and backstabbing take place. 

This passionate twisted up story is put well together, giving the audience a close to real life experience. Dealing with lies, deception, wealth, sexual tension, confusion and family business issues. A drama that gives the unbelievable, like watching the soap opera  “Days Of Our Lives.” An episode of realism that is a must see again and again. Just so you can see or hear one small minor detail plot twist or spot that you may have missed. If you enjoy the art of theatre and are within the Bluff City area, tap into Theatre Works on the Square and have a chat with Ms. Mary Ann Washington to learn about her next body of work.

Until next time friends be well and stay drama free.

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