Discover the insider secrets of buying a home like a celebrity with these 7 tips from A-listers. Don’t miss out on your dream home in the competitive real estate market.

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File this nugget under “something you already know”: A-list celebrities shop for homes much differently than an average buyer. They aren’t hitting open houses, hoping to find the perfect place (or a free cookie).

As you’d expect, there’s a certain element of secrecy in these high-profile real estate transactions. Yet, at a basic level, some aspects of the process are similar to real-world home purchases: Celebrities have to identify the price range they can afford (even if it’s in nine-digit territory), what they want in their homes versus what they need (is a hair salon a wish or a need?), and whether the property is in an area they truly love (Malibu isn’t for everyone, actually). In other words, celebrities are essentially just like us when it comes to the search for home, sweet home.

To help you house shop like the rich and famous, we spoke to real estate agents who have worked with A-listers. Here are seven secrets behind their process, and you can put them to good use—even if you’re not a household name.

1. A-listers tour homes at weird times, if at all

Celebrities tend to see prospective properties during off hours.(

Ever wonder how celebrities keep their home purchases under the radar? One way is that they tend to go see prospective properties only during off hours—or skip the process entirely.

“I’ve had showings absurdly early and absurdly late to tactically avoid detection,” says Nikki Beauchamp, of Sotheby’s International Realty in Manhattan.

That being said, it isn’t unheard of for the elite to buy homes sight unseen.

“I’ve sold homes to celebrities like Jordan Peterson and Pitbull,” reveals Andy Daro, of Compass. “In both cases, they had managers or trusted personal contacts view the home for them, but neither came to the initial showings. They stayed discreet in the process and trusted the opinions of their peers when making the big decision.”

Buy like an A-lister: While we don’t recommend trusting your buddies with deciding whether a home is worth buying, it never hurts to bring along a trusted friend or get second opinions on a listing.

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2. The elite play it cool

If you’ve ever felt convinced that a particular house will change your life, then you know how hard it can be to stay neutral during the homebuying process. But one strategy we can steal from celebrities is pretty simple: Play it cool.

“A-listers operate from a distance and aren’t as emotionally attached to the buying process as traditional homebuyers that I work with,” notes Daro.

Buy like an A-lister: While their access to loads of cash probably helps celebs shrug off missed real estate opportunities, a similar zen mindset can be effective in your home-shopping experience, too. If you come this close to buying a house and it all falls apart, remember—life will go on, and another (usually better) home will come along.

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3. Security is priority #1

This Los Angeles home offers a front gate and plenty of tall trees and shrubs, which help ensure top-notch privacy and security for high-profile homebuyers.(

While everyone imagines that celebs put a premium on the latest gadgets, a big pool, and fancy spa features, their No. 1 home feature is top-notch security.

“For high-profile homebuyers, the two main dealbreakers are the location of the property and the levels of privacy and security it offers,” says Jonathan Matos, of Douglas Elliman. “These factors are nonnegotiable and—without meeting these criteria—a deal is unlikely to proceed.”

Buy like an A-lister: The rich and famous don’t compromise on their safety or security and neither should you. Even if you find a great home, take a hard pass if it’s in a neighborhood that seems dodgy or the property doesn’t feel secure.

4. Celebs have to commute, too

This luxury home in Bronx, NY, is both private and convenient to public transportation and major highways.(

A-listers often spend a lot of time traveling, so it makes sense that they’d consider commute times when buying a home.

“Proximity to an airport where individuals can charter private jets is necessary,” says John Forberger, of Douglas Elliman. “This is why, for years, access to the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport has been an ideal place for greater Miami homeowners.”

Buy like an A-lister: If you spend a lot of time traveling for work—or even just driving to and from an office—be sure to evaluate commute times before you buy.

5. A long must-have list can be crippling

If you’ve ever wondered whether your lengthy wish list is slowing down your house hunt, you might have more in common with celebrities than you think.

“While celebrities may have significant financial resources, their specific requirements for a property can limit their choices,” says Josh Dotoli, of Paramount Residences. “They may need amenities like large acreage or specific architectural styles, which can narrow down the available options.”

Buy like an A-lister: Or, in this case, don’t. Remember, no house will ever check every single box. Determine your top must-haves, and focus on those. The rest of your list is likely just holding you back.

6. Renovations aren’t a stumbling block

When your wish list is as grand as your budget, renovations are often inevitable.

“Celebrity clients have particular needs and tastes that most suburban and urban homes outside of New York, Los Angeles, and Miami don’t typically offer,” notes Andrea Desy Edrei, of SERHANT PA. “In many instances, they have to modify the homes to accommodate their needs.”

So, what kinds of changes are we talking about? Pretty much what you’d imagine: gallery-sized closets for handbag and shoe collections; his-and-her bathrooms with spa-inspired amenities; and, of course, multiple garages for luxury cars.

Buy like an A-lister: While your version of a fixer-upper is probably much different than a celeb’s, the bottom line is similar. If the house has potential, and you have the budget for renovation, you might have a winner on your hands.

7. A-listers always don’t announce a purchase

Stories about celebrities buying and selling homes are a dime a dozen; but what’s truly fascinating is that, in some cases, the publicity could be intentional.

“You basically have two sorts of celebrity, high-net-worth clients—the ones who want their house and business broadcasted, and the ones who would rather remain private and off the books,” says Brooks Merkle, of Ansley Real Estate. “The majority would rather remain private, but there are always some really big ones that make the headlines—like Usher and Elton John, for example.”

Buy like an A-lister: Not every celebrity real estate transaction is intentionally revealed (leaks do happen), and keeping a home purchase quiet is an interesting concept.

Our advice? Decide for yourself when to tell the world you’ve bought a beach house. For example, you might wait until after the busy summer months to announce you have a guest room.

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