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Mon 6/19 @10AM

Since Juneteenth — the holiday, long celebrated in Black communities, that marks the final group of slaves getting news of their emancipation in Texas on June 19 1865 — falls on a Monday this year, many of the celebrations, including the big Freedom Fest downtown, are taking place over the weekend.

One group is celebrating on the actual day, however, with an appropriate event dedicated to Black history. The African American Cultural Garden in Rockefeller Park is joining with the Cleveland Restoration Society to dedicate a historical marker, making it officially part of the Cleveland Civil Rights Trail.

The celebration starts at 10am, with the marker ceremony starting at 1145. It’s free and open to all, and a great time to check out the ongoing work on this garden and its plans for future development, which hopefully will proceed faster than the creation of the garden: it was officially established in 1977 but construction on it didn’t begin until nearly 40 years later.

African American Cultural Garden

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