SYDNEY—Could it be that “little penguins” have a big ego? That’s one possible explanation for the reaction some members of a group of such penguins had when a camera was placed in their midst of their zoo exhibit here.

While many skittered around nervously, several put their beaks right up to the lens in a show of unabashed curiosity.

The footage of the so-called “little penguins” Eudyptula minor, was recently shared by the Taronga Zoo Sydney. Laura Minns, the zoo’s senior media relations director, told Zenger News that some of the flightless birds were indeed “quite interested in a GoPro placed in their exhibit.”

Little penguins from the Taronga Zoo examine the new GoPro camera. (tarongazoo/Newsflash)

The video shows several of the inquisitive animals gather around the camera. Some place their faces directly in front of it before losing interest and walking away, while others are more nervous, and an especially skittish one is startled and runs away after it was apparently surprised by the recording device.

Another of the birds pushes through other penguins and runs towards the camera, only to immediately turn around and return to the large group.


Mainly found on the coastlines of southern Australia and New Zealand, the “little penguins” are the smallest members of the species, with average height of just over a foot and generally weighing about 2 pounds.

In addition to their diminutive stature, such birds are the only type of penguin with blue and white feathers, rather than black and white ones.

(Edited by Stephen Gugliociello and Matthew Hall.)

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