With her legs held up in the air very highly and So St Louis. Jenifer proudly represented her suburban Kinloch style. (Editor)

Madame Noire

“I’m so grateful. I appreciate this so much,” said Lewis.  

Lewis who grew up in Kinloch has appeared in 462 television shows including the hit show Black-ish. She has also appeared in 68 movies, four Broadway shows and has performed in concerts around the world.

“I never gave 100 percent. I gave two thousand. I am an entertainer,” said Lewis.

Lewis said she credits her success to the love and support she received from her hometown.

“Thank you St. Louis, but thank you mostly to Kinloch,” she said.

Madame Noire

“I did my first talent show in Kinloch in the catholic school basement. The whole town showed up and I knew I was loved,” said Lewis.

Lewis graduated from Webster University in 1979. She delivered a commencement speech in 2015 and was given an honorary doctorate.

“Webster has been very good to me. I got my real education in classical acting in the theater department there,” said Lewis.

Lewis said she is not only proud of her accomplishments but is also proud of her advocacy.

“My activism means more to me now more than anything,” she said.

“My success is I have a smile on my face,” said Lewis. “Show business, I gave up many times, but I didn’t quit. Let me say to the kids out there, never quit, dream, dream, dream the dream.”

Lewis said she’s “over the moon” from being honored with the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

“I’m just over the moon. I’m just over the moon,” said Lewis.

Madame Noire
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