Get your basement ready for finishing with these 5 must-do steps for waterproofing. From addressing moisture to preventing mold, this guide has you covered.

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Considering renovating your basement? Here are some key things to consider before getting started!

A basement provides substantial additional space in your home, ideal for multiple uses, from storage to recreational space. The possibilities are endless.

However, converting this space requires careful planning and implementation to avoid damage from elements like humidity and flooding. You wouldn’t want to fill your basement with top-of-the-line technology or prized possessions, only to have them ruined, would you?

This article explains the benefits of basement remodeling, the essential preventative projects you should complete first, and how local basement waterproofing professionals can help.

finished basement

Why Remodel and Finish Your Basement?

There are a lot of benefits to remodeling your basement. Our friends over at Reliable Design | Build | Remodel offer 5 really good reasons:

  • Create more living space
  • Enhance property value
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Personalize your living space

We want you to have these benefits just as much as you want them, but there are a few things you need to do first.

Things to Do Before Finishing the Basement

Before you remodel or finish your basement, you must ensure your basement is stable and watertight with proper water management solutions and methods, including:

1. Re-Grade the Soil

regrading soil

Proper soil grading is essential to prevent water from pooling around your home’s perimeter and directing toward your basement. Ensure the soil is graded positively to direct water away from your foundation. This may require the help of landscaping professionals.

2. Call Your Go-To Basement Waterproofing Specialists

AFS inspector meeting with a homeowner

When it comes to preparing your basement for finishing, partnering with expert basement waterproofing experts is a smart move. AFS Foundation & Waterproofing Specialists provide comprehensive services to transform your basement into a dry, functional space. With a free quote and service tailored to your schedule, you’ll be informed and in control throughout the process.

3. Seal the Basement Walls

AFS crew installing a basement wall vapor barrier

Concrete walls are prone to letting moisture seep in, leading to potential issues such as mold and mildew. Avoid this by installing a vapor barrier system to keep your basement dry and comfortable.

 4. Install an Interior Drainage System

installed interior drainage system

The next step in protecting your basement from future water damage is installing an interior drainage system. This proactive measure saves you the trouble of repairing water-damaged drywall, insulation, and other finishing materials.

5. Add a Sump Pump

installing a basement sump pump

Your interior drainage system will collect water, but this water needs somewhere to go. Here’s where a sump pump comes in handy. This device helps discharge large volumes of water from your basement during heavy rains or pipe bursts. Consider investing in a battery backup sump pump to keep it running even during power outages.

6. Install a Dehumidifier System

closeup of an AFS dehumidifier

Despite your best waterproofing efforts, your basement might still develop moisture. Therefore, investing in a dehumidifier is wise. This device can help control mold, mildew, and rot, as well as potentially lower your heating and cooling costs.

Get a Free Basement Inspection from AFS Today!

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We’re proud of our patented waterproofing products and exceptional service, earning us many customer testimonials and referrals throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Our trained representatives are ready to guide you through your basement’s transformation process, and our installation crews are skilled in all our wet basement solutions, from sump pumps to dehumidifiers.

Our service doesn’t end when the installation is complete. We follow up to ensure everything was done as proposed, and we’re always there for future system service or upgrades.

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