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A Black History look back. My top 10 Black Quarterbacks that have played in the NFL. 

The inspiration for creating this list was due to the historic event of having two black starting quarterbacks going head to head in the Super Bowl.

With no further ado.  Here’s my list

  1.  Patrick Mahomes – Three Super Bowl appearances and already a win in his first several years of being an NFL starter, that’s even including sitting for a year behind Alex Smith.  Mahomes has two MVP’s and is the only African American quarterback to do that.  He can make plays off schedule, has a tremendous arm, can make plays with his feet if need be and has a rocket of an arm.  Also, he’s a winner.  Mahome has been to the AFC championship game every year he’s been the starter in Kansas City.
  2. Warren Moon – Probably the best pure passer on this list.  Moon threw for close to 50,000 yards over his career.  He threw for 4,000+ yards 3 times back when it was still very difficult to throw the ball because of rules.  Warren Moon might be in more history books had the NFL drafted right out of college. Instead, Moon went to Canada to play in the CFL and won 5 Grey Cups. Warren Moon broke the mold and showed GMs that black quarterbacks can be pocket passers, and team leaders.
  3. Randall Cunningham – This QB was electrifying from his big arm, to his elusiveness, and playmaking ability.  He was Mike Vick, before Mike Vick. He rushed for close to 1,000 yards in 1990. In 1998 with Minnesota he led an outer space offense that got the Vikings within a field goal of the Super Bowl.
  4. Michael Vick – Was he a guy that was going to beat you with his eyes and diagnose a defense like a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?  No, not early in his career, but he had a gun for an arm, and might have been the fastest man on the field whenever he was under center.  Under Andy Reid he became a more cerebral more traditional quarterback, and had aspirations of an MVP, until injuries hit.
  5. Donovan McNabb – Great arm, not great straight-ahead speed but lots of moves.  Made it to the Super Bowl and won the NFC East 5 years in a row. He and Andy Reid had some great years.
  6. Steve McNair – Tough as nails, played through dozens of injuries.  Could run, and throw, and had the Titans within a yard of a Super Bowl win.
  7. Daunte Culpepper – He was big, with a big arm, had a few very productive years in the early 2000’s.
  8. Cam Newton – Won a National Championship in college, a Heisman, an MVP, and got the Panthers to a Super Bowl in 2015.  Big arm, tough runner, and a student of the game.
  9. Lamar Jackson – Heisman trophy winner, won an NFL MVP, dynamic runner, good enough to put a team on his back.  His story is still being written.
  10. Russell Wilson – Was an ill-fated pass from being a two time Super Bowl Champion.  Has thrown for 4,000 yards four times.  Russ also has a 100+ quarterback rating for his career.  Wilson also has a 3 to 1 Touchdown to Interception ratio.             

Patrick Mahomes winning his second MVP

             Warren Moon career highlights

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