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Famed gospel diva Kelly Price, born April 4, 1973, in the Queen’s neighborhood Far Rockaway of NYC. She is a Grammys’ nominated gospel singer with a touch of R&B.

I have always admired Kelly, and her music kept me going through the years. So, let’s get to the conversations of why people have to be all up in her business.

Last week, I almost lost my lunch when I read where she was missing. I didn’t even know she had COVID, and then she was missing; oh no.

Then I got to thinking, she is probably somewhere recuperating and not wanting to be around people. So, my presumptuous notion was ruled so true, as a few days later she popped up.

Kelly wanted her family, friends and fans to know that she was indeed doing well. The moment the world thoughts Kelly was missing, she was just recovering and trying to rehabilitate herself, as a long hauler.

Long hauler as it is stated, is the lingering complications those affected by COVID-19 have, and the uphill battle that comes with it.

There were missing reports filed last weekend and Kelly was not in touch with her own sister. And I am saying hundreds of article just flat out scaring Kelly’s fans into an immediate frenzy.

But me being the optimist I am, I knew she was fine, far as being missing. If I were her, I would’ve ghost out as well.

If I had COVID-19; what can you do for me? You can’t do anything but pray for my health to return.

So, why should you be around me when I need to care for myself? This definitely would be my thought process.

Leave me alone…So next time, do some research thoroughly before assuming the worse of Kelly and any other sane minded person who has so much to do in music and life.

According to TMZ, Kelly quoted that she almost died, and also gone on to say “I wasn’t missing.”  “It is disappointing that it came to this.” She continued on. So, all these false reports were finally dissolved and all the fans were satisfied.

I am so glad that she is ok, and I am just going to pray that she gets better. It seems as if Covid-19 is going to linger around for a while.

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