Occupy Wall Street joined the NAACP as thousands marched in midtown Manhattan on December 10, 2011 to defend voting rights

It’s no coincidence that President Joseph R. Biden, the country’s 46th Commander in Chief, and Vice President Kamala Harris, the country’s first African American Vice President and first female Vice President, were in my hometown Atlanta on the eve of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend. The pair of leaders publicly addressed a crowd at the Atlanta University Center — and the nation — about voting restrictions and the need to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. 

“Years from now, our children and our grandchildren will ask us about this moment,” Harris said. “They will look back on this time, and they will ask us, not about how we felt. They will ask us what did we do? We cannot tell them that we let a Senate rule stand in the way of our most fundamental freedom. Instead, let us tell them that we stood together.”

The restrictions put in place in Georgia by the current Republican-dominated State Senate may exist, but that doesn’t mean Georgians — and for that matter, anyone, anywhere — has to take those restrictions lying down. There is power in numbers. If the vote wasn’t important, there wouldn’t be political factions working so hard to stop people from exercising their right to do it.

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