Fourth grade is the first time I remember seeing a swastika.

On the very first day of school, I went to my classroom, found my assigned seat, sat down, and there, etched into the top of the desk, was that symbol of hate.

Even at that young age, I knew what a swastika was — we were a PBS-watching household — so I raised my hand to tell the teacher.

Even though most of us can recognize a swastika, we might not be aware of some of the other everyday forms of anti-Jewish prejudice.

That’s why Shine A Light, a platform bringing together “organizations, companies, institutions and individuals to unite in shining a light on antisemitism in all its modern forms,” is getting everyone on the same page.

Their latest video, “8 Ways to Spot Antisemitism,” breaks down some of the most common forms of anti-Jewish discrimination, hatred, hostility, violence, or oppression.

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