More than a dozen states hold presidential primaries on this Super Tuesday. Minnesota is among them, and the election is seen as a big opportunity for those with a past felony conviction who recently saw an expansion of their voting rights.

Last year, Minnesota approved a law change that allows those with a conviction to register to vote immediately after their release from prison, as opposed to waiting until their probation is completed.

JaNae’ Bates, interim co-executive director of ISAIAH, part of a coalition that pushed for the change, said there’s been broad outreach to educate those eligible but acknowledges it can be an uphill battle.

“Even though they are back in community with usworking, going to school, etc.they’ve largely felt like they’ve been pushed out and have not often gotten to feel engaged,” she explained.

Bates also encouraged friends and family of those formerly incarcerated to make them more aware of their voting rights. The secretary of state estimates the new policy affects nearly 55,000 people. With Minnesota having same-day registration, advocates encourage those newly eligible to try and cast their ballot during today’s primary. Polling locations around the state are open until 8 p.m. on Election Day.

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