The 2023 Twin Cities Black Film Festival (TCBFF) is set to begin October 19-22 at the Capri Theater in North Minneapolis.

Natalie Morrow’s dream of providing a regular platform for independent Black and multicultural filmmakers and helping them grow both locally and nationally is now over two decades old.  “This is our 21st year and we still are in the community.  This is our third time doing a film festival at the Capri,” the founder-director said.Over the years, TCBFF has been held on local college campuses, strip malls, traditional movie houses, and downtown hotels. The Minneapolis Museum of Arts was also once a festival site.“One of the big ones on Friday night is the Amir Locke documentary” about the killing of the 22-year-old Black man by Minneapolis police who entered a downtown apartment to serve a no-knock warrant. Locke was sleeping on the couch at the time, but he wasn’t the suspect they were looking for. Locke, who was killed on February 22022. No officer was ever charged in his killing.“That documentary is the headliner on Friday night,” continued Morrow.  “The other film on Friday is called ‘Black is Beautiful’, talking about Black Lives Matter and things like that.”

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