John Amanam. Credit: Photo courtesy of Immortal Cosmetic Art Ltd.

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By Imuetinyan Ugiagbe,

When John Amanam’s brother lost a limb due to an accident, his family ordered a prosthesis from abroad, but to his surprise upon its arrival, it did not match his skin color. Amanam, a Nigerian native with a degree in rine and industrial arts, resolved to explore methods to craft a prosthetic covering that closely matched his brother’s brown skin type. 

His aspiration to overcome a personal challenge has since transformed into a professional career as a prosthetic artist, making him the first African sculptor to specialize in the hyperrealism world of prostheses for people of African descent — a field that boosts the self-esteem of individuals who have experienced limb loss. 

“I create flesh covers for people who’ve lost different body parts, ranging from ears, nose, fingers and breast forms,” said Amanam.

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