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By Aswad Walker

This Black History Month, let’s invest energy into some new acts that we can grow into traditions that can uplift us both individually and collectively. Here they are:

Read a Black Classic

Howard University professor and all-around Africana Studies powerhouse Dr. Greg Carr often laments the current fascination with thinking that everything needed to be known exists somewhere online. It doesn’t. There are worlds, universes, galaxies of knowledge and information not online, but readily accessible via an ancient technology known as books. And taking the time to read, turn pages, and if you’re like me, write notes in the margins, you’re giving yourself time to contemplate, wrestle with, and sit with what you’ve read. Carr reminds anyone who will listen that our ancestors in Kemet believed that time spent sitting with and contemplating what you just read was an invaluable part of the learning and knowing process.

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