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“HIV/AIDS was cured. Ain’t nobody even getting that sh*t anymore,” said Arqueece Martin, a customer at a local barbershop whose owner didn’t want his shop name mentioned for fear the “AIDS police” would come and do it harm.

“AIDS is real, man, but it’s for them folk up north, New York and all that,” responded Trevion “Smoove.” “It’s just them northern LGBQXYZs that still be getting AIDS. But it’s damn near on the way out.”

“Naw playa, the government has been putting that HIV virus in stuff our women, Black women be using—hair stuff, feminine products, etc.—so they get AIDS and then give it to us brothers,” shared Johnny “G-Plus,” explaining how his cousin “got” AIDS.

As you can see from these words, there are all kinds of myths about HIV/AIDS still floating around and potentially harming individuals who need healthcare system interventions. But according to health officials, the silence on the subject is deadly, too.

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