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By Ben “BostonBen” Haith 

While I greatly respect President Joe Biden, I believe that we need a human leader who will prioritize transforming our country into a non-violent and peaceful society for the sake of future generations. Our nation has a long history of systemic violence, often linked to the use of firearms. Guns have been used against groups that our society has feared, such as Native Americans, British, Africans, people of color, women, and others. I commend President Biden for his efforts during this transitional period, but time is running out.

Some individuals within our nation seek to dismantle our democracy and control the people, as this has happened before in our history and in other countries. President Biden faces numerous challenges, including climate change, cultural divisions, economic justice, racial justice, and more. Over the past two years, I have spoken with various groups and have emphasized the need for a national mental health evaluation to understand why our society has so many unhealthy aspects. Without addressing the root causes of our societal issues, we will continue to struggle for solutions. It is time to take action. 

Ben “Boston Ben” Haith is an activist, marketing consultant, and creator of the official Juneteenth flag.

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