Attendees at SisterSong's event in Louisville, Kentucky pose in front of the tour bus on June 21. Credit: Photo credit: @SisterSong_WOC/Twitter

A busload of reproductive justice advocates are riding state-to-state, hosting educational gatherings, and donating health products in towns across the South.

For three weeks, beginning June 16, members of the national membership organization, SisterSong, are traveling with a mission to center “communities who are usually left out of conversations around sexual health resources, advocacy, and access.”

The charter bus — wrapped in bright purple, blue, and green with the words “Reproductive Justice Bus Tour” plastered on its sides — made its first stops in North Carolina before heading to Kentucky, Georgia, and Louisiana. The tour will reach its final stop on July 2 in New Orleans at the famous Essence Festival.

Word In Black sat down with SisterSong’s executive director, Monica Simpson, to get real-time insight on the tour’s impact. 

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