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By ReShonda Tate

Most of the cities on Beyoncé’s 57-city Renaissance World Tour make no secret about how the highly anticipated concerts are stimulating local economies. It’s being called the “Beyoncé effect,” a noticeable boost in spending before and during her tour stops.

Beyoncé is definitely a brand, carefully constructed, each move orchestrated. It’s equated into a billion dollar business. From outfits to lodging to hair and makeup to restaurants and clubs, everyone is trying to get a piece of the Queen Bey pie.

“Beyoncé is a force, and it’s fascinating to see the level of excitement and tangible interest generated for the local shops and businesses as her tour kicks off,” Tara Lewis, Yelp’s trend expert, said in a report. “Whether it’s people looking for dining and nightlife options, getting glammed up, or booking transportation, the ‘Beyoncé Bump’ is real, and it’s helping more people connect with local businesses in their communities.”

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