The November Temperature Check found that 52% of Black adults are “satisfied” with the direction the country is heading in. This is a 10-point increase from the September results.

Since then, three white men were convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery, the unemployment rate for Black adults in the work force has dropped, and November’s election saw historic results for candidates of color.

The bi-monthly surveys, billed as the largest recurring polls of Black adults, are run by think tank Black 2 the Future Action Fund. The surveys sample 1,000 Black adults across the country.

Biggest Takeaway

The opinions on the direction of the country did a dramatic flip. Between the July and September polls, there was an 18-point decline in satisfaction with the direction of the country, followed by a 10-point increase from September to November.

In addition to the aforementioned events, the report cites Congress passing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which included funding to improve access to broadband internet, upgrade transit systems, and start funding some of the administration’s climate goals.

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