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When Toxic relationships hit social media, the parties involved forget the people in their lives that it desecrates.

Social media is fast becoming a hot bed for people who are in toxic relationships. The problem is most of these relationships start on social media, a place where they shouldn’t in the first place.

The Root of the Problems

You have people knowing each other, and secretly sending messages in one another’s mail boxes. You also have family members playing sides,even after the relationship has ended for the best.

Take Mandy and Paul, they met on Facebook; she liked his pictures, he liked her pictures, so she inbox him. She asked him was he a thirsty stalker, because she didn’t even have him in her contact list.

Paul replied back, “I see you are friends with my homeboy, and I just thought you were cute.” Mandy was skeptical at first but being a very popular female, and needing to show her girls that she was over her ex.

Mandy went out with Paul, in public of course. They hit it off instantly and were in bed together the next month.

Paul knew he had her after hinting around about his living situation. He was a manager at McDonalds, and was sharing an apartment in Dallas with his cousin. His cousin was a dope dealer, and he knew he couldn’t bring Mandy by there.

The Toxic Beginning

Mandy lived alone, she had just gotten a promotion at her office job in Arlington, so she really needed someone to love and live with her. Her ex-boyfriend Conner called her all the time and wanted to get back up with her.

So, being the narcissistic type she was, Mandy was going to show Conner how fast she can move on without him. Conner had a baby from a previous relationship, but told Mandy a year later.

Mandy wasn’t having it, she wanted him all to herself. Being so stubborn Mandy even started a fight with Connor’s child mother, after the baby started becoming a distraction. Conner eventually went back with the baby’s mother, but his heart still bleeds for stubborn Mandy.

Just by reading that much information you can tell immediately what type of woman Mandy really is. And men like Connor and Paul tend to be drawn to them at any cost to their egos.

The Family Life

Mandy and Paul had gone on to have two kids and gotten married. Then a female crept up in his inbox, and reluctantly, he declined the woman’s advantages. He stressed to the woman that he was indeed married with kids, and very happy.

Paul and Mandy started having money issues, especially after he got fired from work. Mandy job was stressing her out and she was barely going in, due to the kids being sick off and on.

With so much time on her hands, Mandy decided to take off work and stay around the house. Mandy insisted that Paul get up and go look for another job.

She was ready to be a stay at home wife and have a husband who worked. Paul agreed to that because that is how he was raised.

Raising the toxicity bar

Then the problems started coming like a cyclone in China. Paul met some hot female at his catering gigs, and she knew he was a married man. She wanted him and wasn’t going to back down.

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The sultry siren

Chanela was her name, and she started sending him nude pictures and inviting him out late after their shifts. Chanela also wanted Paul morning,noon and night.

Paul couldn’t take it anymore; Mandy was nagging all the time and not really feeling sexual at all. So Paul called her one night and told her he had to help stock up the freezer and will be late coming home.

Mandy bought it, but she had her suspicions. Paul had sex and lots of sex with his provocative siren catering manager Chanela. While his wife sat at home waiting to find a way to see what he really was up to.

To be continued!

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