There are numerous work-related stressors Black women identify within the workplace.

This post was originally published on Defender Network

By Laura Onyeneho

Companies nationwide are having a tough time navigating the voluntary exit of millions of workers out of corporate America. Companies are trying to figure out what the best formulas are to retain workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A report from the U.S Department of Labor reveals America’s employers accelerated their hiring in October adding 531,000 jobs, the highest since July. The accelerated hiring is viewed by many economists as a sign that recovery from the pandemic recession is underway, but women of color, unfortunately, aren’t sharing in the job market recovery, particularly Black women who are opting for remote work as a better alternative to the corporate office environment.

Remote work has its downsides, such as juggling video conferencing calls, child care duties, or sitting at home with no social interaction with staff. The upside is that those who work in white-collar industries often find greater improvements in their work experience and don’t have to face various inequities in the workplace.

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