Artist Jacob Lawrence created a series of paintings depicting The Great Migration of Black people from the South to northern industrial cities including St. Louis. This image was used in a book called “The Great Migration.” A Feb. 11 event at the Missouri History Museum will include discussion of the early 20th century movement of African Americans north.

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The Missouri History Museum is celebrating Black History Month with a range of programs throughout February.

Cicely Hunter, Missouri Historical Society public historian of the African American History Initiative, said the museum highlights diversity year-round, but especially during Black History Month and Juneteenth.

We have a series of different events on Tuesdays and on Thursdays,” Hunter told

“We’ll have the ‘#1 Civil Rights Exhibit and Beyond’. We’ll also have ‘Movement and Migration’. It is focusing on the early period, post-Civil War time frame.”

Hunter said the museum is “Really spotlighting the importance of Black history told from Black perspectives and narratives [so] we can build that equitable future.”

Hunter said financial support for the museum is vital, she wants the community to be curious and connected.

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