Councilmember Robin Wonsley speaks at a press conference held after the vote. Credit: Photo by Chris Juhn

A short city council meeting was held to guarantee rideshare workers a minimum pay rate, at least for now. 

That meeting on March 14 resulted in a 10-3 vote to override Mayor Jacob Frey’s veto on an ordinance that guarantees people who drive on the Uber or Lyft platforms a minimum of $1.40 per mile plus 51 cents per minute. Even with the ordinance enshrined, it’s possible legislation introduced at the state legislature this session may supersede it. 

Councilmember Emily Koski, who represents deep South Minneapolis, generally south of 43rd Street, east of Lyndale Avenue, and west of 34th Avenue, flipped her vote. She voted on March 7 to not pass the rideshare ordinance, however, she voted to override the veto. 

In a statement sent to the media after the vote, Koski says she wanted to wait for a report by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry to come out. The report would help her better understand how she should vote. 

“That report definitively showed that TNC [transportation network company] drivers have been making subminimum wages,” said Koski. “The City has a minimum wage and labor standards — and we shouldn’t make exceptions to those basic worker rights and protections.”

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