As we embark on yet another holiday to honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it is important for us to reflect on how we as individuals can effect change that can make our society even better.

Dr. King, affectionately known as the drum major for justice, was a national focal point for the Civil Rights movement, but more importantly he was able to get the masses to respond to his calls to action. 

“It’s time to use your skills and talent to help make a difference in your community.”

Answering those calls to action provided the imagery that we embrace today as milestones of the Civil Rights movement: the March on Washington, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and more. But these were not the only actions that were taken during the Civil Rights Movement. There were many other actions taken by individuals all across this country that had an impact on local communities. Yes, they might have been on a much smaller level than the actions taken by Dr. King and his colleagues, but they were impactful on creating systemic change just the same.

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