An initiative to support HBCU students with sexual and reproductive health care launched Dec 1. The program is spearheaded by Power to Decide, a national organization that works to advance sexual and reproductive well-being for people who have the most barriers to access.  

As access to reproductive health care becomes increasingly restricted, the organization is prioritizing one of the most impacted groups — Black students. The program, Beyond the Sheets, takes an innovative approach to sexual and reproductive care. Instead of leading the charge with the typical physicians and educators, Power to Decide provides resources to let students take the lead.  

JeNeen Anderson, senior director of health equity at the organization, says part of their focus on HBCUs is because she graduated from one. Her love for HBCUs and the vitality they play in the Black community was enough reason to center their approach on the Black student experience. 

The initiative comes at a time when access to education about sexual and reproductive health care is more important than ever as the nation debates what sexual health should be taught in schools, and whether abortion and contraceptive care should be restricted.  

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