Chef Gordon Ramsay is notorious for his harsh criticism of restaurateurs, and his “Hell’s Kitchen” reality show has put the turmoil of the restaurant industry on blast for more than a decade. But the omnipresence of Ramsay and other celebrity chefs and critics has left many diners with a burning question: Where are the Black food critics?

An occupation once reserved for newspaper columnists, seasoned chefs, or culinary school graduates is now open to anyone with a passion for sharing their love — or distaste in some cases — of food.  

Now, Las Vegas-based food influencer Keith Lee is setting city food scenes ablaze as he shares his candid thoughts on tacos, pizza, cultural dishes, and more. But when it comes to reviewing Black-owned restaurants, critics of Lee say he’s publicly shaming — and potentially damaging the bottom line — of businesses that need the support of the community. 

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Aziah Siid

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