There was no winter holiday this year in my house. No real fun stuff like we were used to during winter break for the kids. No Christmas morning with presents under the tree and happy faces everywhere. There was QUARANTINE.

But it could have gone very differently — and my whole family could have ended up infected with Covid-19 — if I hadn’t gotten lucky enough to find a test.

On Monday, December 20, we were informed that my vaccinated 11-year-old’s classroom would be going remote for the remainder of the week until the students returned from vacation.  Apparently, there had been a student or teacher who had Covid-19 in the classroom, something we had feared since the beginning of the school year. 

“I had been looking in New York City, where I live, for at-home rapid tests, but I couldn’t find any.”

I bought a rapid test. She was negative. I was negative too. We were all good. So my daughter was home for the remainder of the week. She took it in stride. I think she liked experiencing homeschool again. She got to wake up late and was able to bug me all day. 

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