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By Sherri Kolade

It is now left up to Michigan voters to decide the next move on an abortion rights measure recently placed on the November ballot.  

The Associated Press (AP) reported that voters will decide if abortion rights should belong in the Michigan Constitution, a move determined by the state Supreme Court on Thursday, September 8. 

According to the article, abortion rights would be for certain if the amendment passes on Tuesday, November 8, during the general election. Presently, the 1931 state law makes performing abortions a crime, although the law was suspended in May, concluding with a judge earlier in September striking it down as unconstitutional, according to the report.  

Even though appealing that move could be plausible, the law would still outweigh the decision if voters approve the amendment in November.  

The November ballot is anticipated to include a referendum for registered voters to take their fight to the polls and directly consider the decision of everyday residents. While the Democratic Party currently controls the office of governor, the Republican Party controls both chambers of the state legislature with a 56 to 53 majority. 

Democrats note that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is spurring voters to mobilize, which will help Democratic candidates this fall election.

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