Pictured above is Harriett Tubman, with several slaves that she led to freedom. These slaves had various jobs on the plantation that their master’s owned, including working in the field to harvest cash crops like tobacco and cotton and working in “the big house” to serve their master and his family. Enslaving people of African descent was the foundation that helped to build our American world economy. (Courtesy Photo)

By Carl Thomas
Special to the AFRO

America… Land of the Free (labor). At its inception, America represented an exceptional opportunity to experiment on various nouns (people, places and things) without the direct threat of said experiment backfiring and permanently injuring the nations in power.

Slavery has existed for as long as man, with one of the earliest recorded instances coming in Mesopotamia, 3500 BC. Still, the Transatlantic Slave Trade is widely regarded as the most inhumane and brutal format of captivity known to man. It is likewise the most profitable.

The notion that America would ever grow to become as powerful as Spain, France, or even the mighty United Kingdom was as far-fetched as the fall of the Berlin Wall. Yet, here we are. Superpowers. Aligned merely in the oppression of its Brown inhabitants and the profits generated therein.

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